The medic mentor knowledge sharing platform to guide you through your medical school application & beyond.

Applying for medical school isn’t an easy process, and it can be overwhelming without the right support and guidance. 

At Illustrate Medics, we provide medic mentorship to support you through every step of the process, from medical school entrance exams, to interviews, work experience and more. 

Our 1-to-1 support & guidance is tailored to your unique experience! Our medic mentor services are aimed to provide practical advice tailored to each individual, to help you reach your potential.

The Illustrate Medics mentor plan


One size doesn’t fit all. First we get to know, then we create a personalised framework, unique to you, to guide you to success.

adaptive strategy

We revise & optimise your personalised framework based on your feedback as you progress on your path to medical school.


Our 1-to-1 support is continuous. We know you will have questions over time, and we don’t want to leave you hanging.

personal development

We help you to develop essential life skills, & ultimately, a mindset to face the challenges of medical school and beyond.

Medic mentor packages at a glance

Mentorship package

 Long-term, 3 step programme, with a custom-made framework. 
Recommended for anyone from any background interested in applying to medical school. 

Personal Statement

Recommended if you have hit a road block with your personal statement or if you simply need a professional review from a medic mentor.


Interactive session discussing strategies, advice, mock interview and feedback. Covers all interview styles. 

The Medic Mentorship Programme to get you into Medical School​

How a medical school mentor can help you

At Illustrate Medics, it’s our goal to give you the best chance of getting into medical school by providing you with a medical school mentor. Our bespoke medical mentorship program is designed to give you all the support and guidance your college can’t. We assign you with your own medic mentor to assist you with your application and help you to get the result you need.

Is a medical mentorship program right for me?

If you feel like you need more help and support with getting into medical school, with completing your application successfully or that extra bit of confidence to pass your medical school interview, then Illustrate Medic’s medical mentorship program is right for you.

Our medic mentors deliver results

Don’t just take our word for it. Our experienced medic mentors have regularly been praised for their hard word and delivering success to their medical school applicants.